Trying To Make It Work

In this episode, Nicnac starts to puzzle over how to adjust to what they now know about themselves. They review their various coping systems and lament the “return to normal” humbug that is currently adding to the already oppressive normalization meat grinder. They conclude that their best path forward is to stick with what they know works and learn to say no when needed. This includes minimizing social interactions in any form, rolling with their energy flows, and trying to figure out how to conduct their life from home. Fortunately. Covid gave them a head start. Now if all the back to normal people would go away!




The opening music is Raindrop Rhapsody by Josh Eikenberry. The closing music is Catch Me If You Can by Attica Attica. Find them at

The Nicnac Podcast & FSRideAlong Series is © 2006-2021 by Nicnac Marsh and is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

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