Sometimes I Am Wrong

In this episode, Nicnac reflects on what they took away from the wonderful conversation they had in the last episode with Antony Ruttuno and tries to grapple with their own human failings. They talk about what they learned from finally finding Judy Singer’s work and what they think this means for themselves and the political Neurodiversity Movement at large. They mention that they have started to look further into George Harrison and confess that their search for knowledge and their creative expressions are merely coping skills of extremely varying value. Concluding that, like any human, sometimes they are wrong.




The opening music is Raindrop Rhapsody by Josh Eikenberry. The closing music is Catch Me If You Can by Attica Attica. Find them at
The Nicnac Podcast & FSRideAlong Series is © 2006-2021 by Nicnac Marsh and is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License

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