Being Studied And Treated

Trigger Warning: This is a deep, heavy, and honest episode that may not be suitable for everyone including dark themes, politics, and autistic life struggle. Please proceed intentionally and do your own thinking as required. If you don’t have the ability to listen with an open mind please don’t!


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In this episode, Nicnac turns a critical eye towards what little help is offered for divergent individuals with and without means in The United States. They break down their personal experience with their support systems both internal and external. They’ve come to like and accept most aspects of being an autistic, physically limited, queer, and trans person. But, they still struggle and endure much physical and mental pain from both the internal and external world. 

Being physically limited, their autism is their superpower. They have no interest in a cure! 

They don’t use person-first language these days because they would not be who they are were it not for their genetic inheritance and the traumatic life experience that inheritance has lead to.  it’s pain that leads to creative divergent ability. Nothing else. They seek only support that will empower their authentically autistic self. 

Little of that is available in The US. Still, less of it is being developed. Nicnac encourages anyone listening that cares to address them using their proper name and pronouns (Nicnac, They/Them). They understand that this takes getting used to and ask that people self-correct quickly before moving on.

To the scientific, education and medical communities, they point out that much of what they are currently doing isn’t helpful to their experience of being on the spectrum. It’s a spectrum so results will vary from individual to individual. They list their unmet needs in hopes that someone with the power to help meet them might hear. They do this mainly because their in-person articulative abilities are more limited than in the context of the podcast.

They find it strange how it all comes down to Maslow and Rosenberg. As if society has spent the last 48 years or so intentionally forgetting the tremendous thought that took place in the mid to late 20th century. They implore listeners to get over their amnesia. Pointing out that lives depend on it and noting that continuing their own life is mostly contingent on getting their needs meet and having their own space where they can stimm, game and live as they see fit. Including their extremely divergent sleeping habits that are functionally non-functional.

They have no qualms with dying on this hill. After so many years of living a life of social deprivation and ostracisation, the conclusion to them is pretty simple. People that fail to meet societal standards aren’t failures. Society is the falling element. They implore people to care enough to do better. Knowing that more wrongness will come. But, hoping that rightness will come along at some point. If not for them then for future generations that endure the dualistic nature of being on the harsher end of our neurologically diverse species.

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