They Say It’s Raining

Trigger Warning: This is a deep, heavy, and honest episode that may not be suitable for everyone including dark themes, politics, and autistic life struggle. Please proceed intentionally and do your own thinking as required. If you don’t have the ability to listen with an open mind please don’t!


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Show Notes

In this episode, Nicnac reviews some notable media portrayals of Autism and autistic traits and puts them in the context of their personal experience of life on the spectrum as best they can. They focus their efforts on Raymond from Rain Man, House from House MD, and Leonard and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Nicnac notes that the writers for House and Big Bang claimed their characters weren’t Autistic. Likely to try and give themself artistic license. Although Nicnac loves both shows at various points in their runs Nicnac views this move as dishonest and harmful to people that live the lives portrayed on a daily basis. Rain Man is a far worse case of the writer using Raymond as little more than a cheap story mechanic to force change in the main character (keep in mind Nicnac is a struggling writer. They get these things).

Nicnac again emphasizes the incredible diversity of the spectrum and how little those that don’t have lived experience truly know about Autistic life. Nicnac encourages media creators and consumers to be inclusive ad admit when they fall short. Nicnac strives to hold themselves to the same standard.


Learn From Autistics

Autistamatic YouTube Channel

Autistic Collaboration

Sarah Kurchak


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