Eastbound With A Moral Compass and a Mask

In this episode, Nicnac recovers from burnt out for long enough to try and catch listeners up on their recent life journey. They use their recent virtual cross-country flying experience as a metaphor for their life experience and attempts to fly as far east as possible before ultimately flying west. They are making this metaphorical eastbound trip with nothing more than a highly calibrated moral compass, maps, and ride reports from other life pilots. They will know it’s time to land when their work produces some income but not enough income to screw up their delicate safety net. The struggle, of course, is to avoid the high terrain and dangerous weather of conformity culture. They’ve got a rough five-year plan if nothing else.   




The opening music is Raindrop Rhapsody by Josh Eikenberry. The closing music is Catch Me If You Can by Attica Attica. Find them at atticaattica.bandcamp.com

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