Community Building

Recent experience has given Nicolas pause about the way they think about and try to contribute to building communities. Now with a more fully realized understanding of the failings of the democratic process (as traditionally implemented in the Magna Carta, US Constitution and similar documents) Nicolas thinks again of NVC, Consensus and other approaches to arriving at a communal sense of consent to the best extent possible. Nicolas also expresses distress over their continued social challenges and how CBT style interventions have proved not to be effective for them.



SE 11 Ep 26 Cognitive Distortions and Empathy

In this episode I talk about the limits of empathy in the mental health industry. I offer some ideas for gaining greater empathy and describe my current process for gaining greater empathy. I also describe the issue of over empathizing and how I am dealing with my tendency to do this. I also talk about cognitive distortions and the limits of CBT and medications for treating suicidal and hopeless people. Finally I relate my current experience of being somewhat manic and not being able to rest. I make a self care plan and will report back in the next episode.

It is suicide prevention month. If you are feeling suicidal Call 1-800-273-8255 in The United States for help. If you are close to making an attempt dial 911! For numbers in other countries visit

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