The Philosophy Of Disability

In this episode, Nicnac describes their Philosophy of Disability and the way that the world they live in forces them into thinking about it in many ways at the same time. They reason that the best way to make progress on this is to keep sharing their experience and empathically listening to the experience of others.

Autistic Education Survey

Learn From Autistics

Autistamatic YouTube Channel

Autistic Collaboration

Sarah Kurchak 


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SE 11 Ep 28 Activism Games

In this episode I talk about my disability review, an activist gaming night, attending a Chico Peace Endeavor Board Meeting, my on going volunteer activities at The Chico Peace and Justice Center and getting a mentee for HopeXchange’s Bipolar Mentoring Program

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SE 11 Ep 27 Parents, Disability and Ability

In this episode I talk about a visit with my Mom, a visit with my Dad, where the disability renewal process stands (finely got an update), helping a pilot get flight sim setup and how things are going on and HopeXchange.

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