Help Wanted

In this episode Nicolas sends out the call for FSRideAlong Co-Hosts in an effort to try a panel show format again (more at the end of the description). Nicolas also poses the question AMD or Intel for flight sim?

Would you like to be a co-host on the show? Here are the details:

Looking for dedicated flight simmers to co-host monthly flight sim audio podcast. Must be available once a month to record and do pre-production work. Position is a volunteer position. Video, audio, hardware experience a plus. Email for more information.

Don’t forget, Mike of is offering a special discount for FSRideAlong listeners. If your interested go to to book a training session and be sure to mention the promo code “FSRIDEALONG.” The code is valid till May 31st, 2020.




FSRideAlong SE 5 Ep 7 Third Hand Journalism

In this episode I share my reactions to EAA’s preview of FS2020. The article was written by Hal Bryan former Flight Sim developer and current Senior Editor for EAA Digital and Print Content and Publications. We will be hearing directly from Hal in the next episode!





Way back in 2010 (before Twitch) I started a thing called FSRideAlong. The idea was to take you the listener along as I did my virtual globe trotting in Flight Sim. Needless to say, the idea didn’t go as well as I had hoped but the show has evolved a bit and you can find current episodes below.

As the internet evolved and video streaming became a thing I started a Twitch Channel also called FSRideAlong (I refer to it as the video version). You can find it here.

Lastly you can find my Discord here.

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Happy landings!

FSRideAlong SE 5 Ep 1 Streaming and Flight Sim Jobs

In this episode I wonder if comparing every flight sim plane developer to PMDG is a good idea. I also talk about my recent flight sim activity. I also talk about my upgraded computer. Lastly, I mention my search for a job in the flightsim or aviation industry My renewed FSRideAlong Stream is available at



FSRideAlong Season 3 Ep 21 Rob Burgen and The 737

In this episode we talk with Rob Burgon about his new job flying the 737. We talk about how the aircraft has the overhead panel that brings you back to the 60s when it was designed while the instrument panel features the glass cockpit you’d expect from a modern airliner. We also talk a little about the reality of choosing a plane to fly in a modern airline .

You can find Rob’s book Piano Burning and Other Fighter Pilot Traditions here. We interviewed him about his book in Season 3 Episode 5 of FSRideAlong.

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FSRideAlong SE 3 Ep 15 Generic Update X

In this episode I announce that I won’t be attending FlightSimCon this year but will be dedicating the donations to attending next year. I also talk FSDreamTeam, P3D4, Aerosoft’s Barcelona and the competition on that airport, IDS KSMF, Bellingham, landings, Taxi2Gate St Louis, my wishlist for next month and my recent activities in the sim. Lastly, I recommend a panel video podcast called On Approach

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FSRideAlong SE 3 EP 14 Getting Started With Flight Sim

In this episode I offer my two cents on how to get started in flight sim. I also discuss some feedback and give Karlene Pettit my thanks and gratitude for writing an article in her blog about me!


Average Windows PC



X Plane 11

X Plane 10




Extreme 3D Pro

Ch Yoke

CH Rudder Pedals










Add On Airports







Other links

Go Fund Me Help me Get to Flight Sim Con



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FSRideAlong SE 3 Ep12 Next Gen Sims 2

In this episode a next gen sim gets voted off the show! I spend the rest of the episode talking about the serious sim market and what platform I think PMDG, Aerosoft, A2A, TFDi, and LevelD will use. There is some heavy X Plane 11 talk and a lot of marketing talk that may be good for your next crew rest.
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About Nicnac And Her Podcast

Nicnac (she/they) is a passionate self-identifying autistic trans and queer person in her late 30s. Nicnac debuted her personal podcast The Nicnac Podcast in May of 2006. Her podcast features philosophical monologs and conversations with others about divergent life. Nicnac also hosts a dedicated series on flight simulation and other forms of computer simulation software called FSRideAlong which debuted in 2010.

In the past 15 years, Nicnac has produced over 400 episodes across their main podcast and their FSRideAlong Series. Nicnac has also volunteered her time in her community to produce and host audio content for radio and streaming media.

She is an all-around geek for learning about the world and its systems. As a result, she is extremely passionate about social justice and favors societal structures that ensure individual needs are met while working out communal concerns through Dynamic Governance and related processes.

As a creative person with a unique neurotype and a degree in game design, Nicnac places a high value on expressive projects. She believes that expressive projects are one of the better ways to cope with the phenomena of human life. She understands that neurodiversity means that every individual is unique. She hopes that the balance of her output proves to be a force for good.

Please listen and decide for yourself.

If you feel called to, please support Nicnac’s hard work through her Patreon or by sending a donation on paypal or leaving a kind constructive review in your favorite podcast app. Nicnac can also be reached via Twitter and email.

Nicnac thanks those willing to listen. She knows that being empathetic is one of the biggest challenges a human can undertake.

She hopes every individual can find the safety and support to empower them and meet their needs

The music used in the podcast opening is Raindrop Rhapsody by Josh Eikenberry. The closing music is Catch Me If You Can by Attica Attica. Nicnac thanks both groups for allowing their creations to be used in this production via The Creative Commons.

Nicnac shares and knows the value of The Creative Commons approach to intellectual creations.

Which is why…

The Nicnac Podcast & FSRideAlong Series is © 2006-2021 by Nicnac Marsh and is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License