The Value of Finding Safe Communities

In this episode Nicnac tries to articulate how finding safe communities that embrace and support who they are in recent times has made them feel. They don’t feel they can adequately express how much these discoveries have helped them and will help them in the times ahead. They also express how damaging attempts to modify or suppress who they are have been over the years. Given that advocating for and creating a global community that embraces diversity and supports people’s needs is their greatest passion, they resolve to continue focusing on this ambition in the hope of allowing others to feel safe and thrive through creative self expression. They hope they can use their podcast and expertise to help others who aspire to self expressive goals.


Nicnac’s work is very much made possible by the safety and support of listeners like you.

They thank you!

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Nicnac thanks both groups for allowing their creations to be used in the production of other work. Nicnac shares and knows the value of The Creative Commons approach to intellectual creations.

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