Let Me Out

I’m abnormal maladaptive and all of that shit

I can honestly barely hold it in

Long night and days alone with a cat

Is this really where it’s all at?

I can’t plan to get out

There is no way

Debt collector make of sure

At the ass end of capitol with no gain

Social Security is a pain

My fate lies in bureaucracy hands

Until then there is no plan

My biggest fear is the repoman

Militant cops.

Yes they are next.

Carry me away.

Don’t give me pay.

Just lock me away

Society’s bane

I awfully good at that bachelor thing

Beg for money and all of that shit.

I want to learn more. I want to get out.

But the debt collector keeps me out

I am no good at the adult game

Life is just passing me by

But yet I still make my battle cry heard.

Damn it you can’t lock me out

The wars on the streets they battle and rage

But the bus won’t let out

Is this really the world that we’ve won?

Frankly I could do without.

Damn it let me out


Damn you god damn fuckers let me out!