Chasing The Numbers is not why I Podcast

In this episode Nicolas attempts to process the latest events in their life under continued quarantine. A piece of writing Nicolas is working on along with their finances and the imminent release of Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) has given Nicolas pause. Could this be an opportunity to hang up the headset? Sadly, at this level of addiction, Nicolas suspects not. But, with their continued fs addiction in mind Nicolas is at least thinking critically about their addictive behavior. Other topics include getting along with people, reflecting on the past and trying not to dwell on podcast download statistics.



SE 11 Ep 4 Begging and Working For Money

In this episode I talk about how I get money. A combination of SSI, contract work and donations. I compare myself to more professional podcasters that also beg for money but do so in a more professional way. Why can’t I be like them

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