Eighty Eight Keys On The Keyboard

In this episode Nicolas ponder whether new ideas are possible. And, if they are why they search for new ideas by looking at old ideas. They also ponder their mental cycles and wonder if there isn’t some way to embrace them rather than fight them or try to fix them.




SE 12 Ep 13 The Struggle Is Real

In this episode I describe the struggle I am having with the primary effects of the psychiatric meds I’ve been prescribed following my mental breakdown. I also describe an interview with an intern that I’ll be airing for my first Big Idea Show this week and the struggle I am having to frame the interview within the context of the show. Finally I touch on my binary brain and how that parallels with older people’s struggle to understand the concept of the non-binary gender identity.



SE 11 Ep 11 You Say You Want A Revolution II

In this episode I update you on my progress on revolution research. It is getting interrupted by real life and my book ADD but I remain committed to the goal.

Books Mentioned:

A Brief History of France: Brief Histories by Cecil Jenkins

A History of the Twentieth Century By Martin Gilbert

Civil Wars: A History in Ideas By David Armitage

Other Books:

Socialism . . . Seriously: A Brief Guide to Human Liberation

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