The Philosophy Of Disability

In this episode, Nicnac describes their Philosophy of Disability and the way that the world they live in forces them into thinking about it in many ways at the same time. They reason that the best way to make progress on this is to keep sharing their experience and empathically listening to the experience of others.

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Normal Is Overrated: Thoughts From Over 30 Years Of US Mental Health Treatment

In this episode Nicnac reviews their more than 30 years of mental health treatment. Over the course of their life they have been diagnosed with a wide variety of illnesses ranging from ADD to Bipolar and Autism. Despite Nicnac’s extensive treatment history, they continue to feel like they are living an endurance test. Having briefly worked in the mental health field, Nicnac reports on some research they’ve been doing into the social model of disability and the use of the term neurodivergent. Nicnac strongly feels that if they take a more assertive approach to getting treatment and interacting with mental health professionals in addition to trying to maximize the positives of their neurodivergence they can turn a corner. Nicnac also refers back to some of their early work and a college essay they wrote describing a hypothetical link between neurodivergence and self actualization. If this could be proven to the greatest degree possible in social science, then Nicnac thinks they may have an alternate design for The US Mental Health System. Nicnacjak. Ever the system designer.