20 Years

Trigger Warning: This is a deep, heavy, and honest episode that may not be suitable for everyone including dark themes, politics, and autistic life struggle. Please proceed intentionally and do your own thinking as required. If you don’t have the ability to listen with an open mind please don’t!


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Show Notes

In this episode, Nicnac reflects on the horrors of 9/11 even from 2,800 miles and 20 years away and tells what they remember of that morning 20 years ago from the perspective of an isolated and burnt-out kid who loves flight sim and hates war and oppression…They talk about the dim view they take of the choices made by world leaders in the 20 years since that day and the 56 years prior to that day 


The music is Raindrop Rhapsody by Josh Eikenberry.

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SE 11 Ep 20 Symbolphobia

In this episode I react to the terror attack in Charlottesville. I talk about the awful emotions it brought up. How do you handle Nazis? Do you let them speak? How do you handle law enforcement that you can’t trust? I also talk about Pride and being bisexual. Finally I wrap things about by talking about being Bi-polar and studying mood disorders.

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