Ninac Podcast: The Truth Is Out There

In this episode, Nicnac ends up going back to their formative years in the 1990s to examine a bit more of how they become who they are referring to it as “90’s X-Files Culture”. This cultural upbringing when combined with their pre-existing neurodivergent tendencies and childhood cancer trauma made Nicnac into the unique neurodivergent skeptical geek that they are today.

They pose the notion that being in the twilight years of Earth’s ability to sustain current life isn’t so bad if truth-seekers can gather together to extrapolate the lessons of the failed human experiment. They acknowledge their failings and liabilities in the area and seek your help to give any nuggets of truth they have found the legs they need to contribute and make the human endeavor worthwhile.




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SE 11 Ep 22 Truth And Suicide

In this episode I explore how we as individuals arrive at personal truth and how much that can differ and contrast with other people’s truths. I bring up a number of examples of times where two people have different truths and one must pick one over the other including suicide versus living out your full life.

As someone who has been suicidal before and made a few half-hearted attempts, I explain the psychology of suicide. How logical it seems and how hard and condescending it is to listen to another truth when you are suicidal. Lastly I explore why it is that suicide is considered an abnormality in western culture

If you are feeling suicidal please be open to other truths. Call 1-800-273-8255 in The United States for help. If you are close to making an attempt dial 911!

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