Going Around Again

Trigger Warning: This is a deep, heavy, and honest episode that may not be suitable for everyone including dark themes, politics, and autistic life struggle. Please proceed intentionally and do your own thinking as required. If you don’t have the ability to listen with an open mind please skip this one!


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Show Notes

In this episode, Nicnac wrestles with the reality of their internal world and how that impacts the way they see the external world after losing a social connection they had a lot of hope for earlier in the month. While they know that attempts at sharing their internal world rarely go well no matter the social context, they hold steadfast in their desire to embrace their authentic autistic and borderline self. 

They express hope that careful online communities can continue to find the kind of lived truths that medicine and science can’t. Feeling that, although life for anyone not rich white and male is difficult, it’s better to intellectually and emotionally battle oppression than to completely withdraw and mask. Nicnac ain’t down yet. But, they’ve more than had it with a world that is hell-bent on oppressing divergent thoughts.

They close by again encouraging others with lived autistic experience to take Detester Maginzine’s educational survey if they have the capacity to do so. They are putting as much as they can into listening to others with greater or different knowledge of the lived experience than they possess. Please see the links below so you don’t have to take their word for it.

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